domingo, julho 22, 2007

Álbum estrela da escola / School star album

Os mini álbuns que fiz para oferecer no colégio do Guilherme. Carimbos Aud Design.

The mini-album I made to offer in Guilherme's school. Stamps by Aud Design.

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stamp and scrape disse...

The orange and blue colour scheme is really eyecatching. Those Aud stamps are so versatile! Lovely presents. I have noticed that you are a very generous person - all the gifts that you make.

Rein disse...

These are great!

stamp and scrape disse...

Hi there again. Yes, you can link the blogger logo to me, and you're meant to pass it on to 5 people. Look on Rein's site if you're not sure. I copied the logo into My Pictures and then uploaded from there (I'm sure there's a quicker way though!). Have fun,

Leni disse...

very pretty

Flossie's Follies disse...

Love your blog, you are very creative. I have many, many, many years on you, glad we share the same day. Email me your address.