domingo, julho 15, 2007

Prendas de aniversário / Birthday gifts

Apesar de o meu aniversário ser só no final do mês, a minha mãe e a minha mãe já se anteciparam e ofereceram-me estes dois livros. Uma prenda fabulosa :D

My birthday is only at the end of the month, but my mother and my sister already gave me these books. A wonderful birthday gift! :D

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louisevbg disse...

yes of corse, you may link to my side :) I'm so onoured. And Happy birthday!! Hug!

Linda disse...

Hello Elisa,

Thank you for your visit, and for the compliments on my blog!

It is indeed the technique on the post-it paper, although I did the pattern with normal paper.

I had a question for you, would you want to swap ATC-cards with me? We’re having an exposition and we’re trying to get as much ATC-cards as possible, to create a wall of ATC-cards. We’re working around the theme: ‘Travel around the world’ and we’re trying to get ATC-cards from all around the world to put on the wall. We don’t have any yet of Portugal :-) And if you know some people who want to trade, it would be a great help! :-)

I hope my question doesn’t botter you.

Sincerly, Linda

stamp and scrape disse...

Lovely again.
Would you like to be nominated for Rockin' girl blogger? Go to my site to copy the logo.
Hope you have a really fun birthday.

Nazinha "Scrap" disse...

ola tudo bem, sou do brasil rj, adoraria trocar idéias com vc.
E saber de algumas lojas de scrapbooking em Portugal....bjus obrigada